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It is undeniable that a complete renovation of your kitchen, bathroom, or other interior space can transform its entire look. Many homeowners fail to realize that it is not always necessary to take such extreme measures to bring new life to their space. Instead, changing out your existing embellishments is a transformative approach you can take without spending thousands of dollars and several weeks to complete a full renovation. In your search for the perfect knobs, drawer pulls, moulding, and other embellishments, our home improvement store in Monmouth County, NJ, has just what you need.

The Beauty Is in the Details

You can change the appearance of your room by focusing on the small details. Our home improvement store has several hardware and moulding options that can help you personalize your home and create a space that you are proud to call your own.

Knobs vs. Pulls: Which Should I Choose?

Many homeowners in Monmouth County, NJ, overlook the knobs and pulls on their cabinets. These items not only help to protect your cabinet from the constant wear and tear caused by handling and touching, but they can also accent existing fixtures and add a touch of color.

Knowing whether knobs or pulls are more suitable is one of the most common concerns that we see among customers at our home improvement store. Although you can freely choose either option for your cabinets, there are situations where one may work better than the other. Here are some things to consider:

  • Cabinet placement: Knobs tend to be a better choice for upper cabinets and small drawers, while pulls seem more suitable for larger drawers and base cabinets. This is because pulls tend to handle the weight of heavy items better.
  • Design style: For homes that have a more traditional or vintage look, knobs tend to work best. Pulls are more suitable for contemporary spaces.
  • Personal preference: Above all, you should consider your personal preference when deciding what to get. If you prefer one style, it is best to go with it. After all, it is essential that you like the look and feel of the hardware when using it.

In addition to selecting either knobs or pulls, you should also consider the material. These items can come in wood, glass, or metal, each having its own unique impact on your space.

How Moulding Can Help

Another transformation design element that we offer at our home improvement store is moulding. This product comes in several different styles, shapes, and sizes, ensuring you are able to find the perfect piece for any interior space.

Crown and cove moulding can be used along the ceiling line to create a more formal and decorative look for your space. This type of finish can also be added to some upper cabinets in kitchens to create a stylish finish. Something as simple as switching out the mouldings surrounding your doors and windows can create a more modern and stylish look.

Chair rails can also be added around the center of your room to protect the walls from the impact of chairs. These mouldings are preferable in dining spaces; however, they can be installed in any room of the home to create dimension. Panel mouldings are another excellent option that can be used to create the appearance of panels in recessed or flat spaces. This type of finish can change a flat wall, ceiling, or another surface to create something new and exciting.

No matter what embellishments or finishing touches you are looking for, you can depend on our home improvement store to have the products that you need to give your space an updated look that you can enjoy for many years to come. To browse our moulding products please visit our moulding module.

Contact Our Home Improvement Store Today

Adding new embellishments is the perfect way to bring new life to your space.

At Monmouth Building Center, our home improvement showroom has everything you need to create a space you love. Our team of professionals can meet with you to determine what products will work best to transform your space.

Whether you want moulding to create a more formal appearance or new drawer pulls to match your existing hardware, our team can help you find just what you need. Contact our team today for more information by calling 732-898-0761, or come check out our home improvement store in Monmouth County, NJ, at your earliest convenience to see what we have to offer.

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