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If you want a stunning, lush landscape, you need to buy the right lawn and garden supplies. Make Monmouth Building Center your go-to home improvement store in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. We carry a wide range of landscaping equipment, tools and supplies that will make your outdoor project easy.

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If you need lawn and garden supplies, look no further than Monmouth Building Center. Our home improvement store has everything you need to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY master, we’ve got you covered.

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Customer reviews

Our regular hardware supplier for Brookdale college. They have most everything you would need.

— Eric M.

Nice knowledgeable staff, well stocked for both builders and homeowners.

— Mikey

I has a wide selection of home making materials and paints, as well has home repair items like hinges and handles and decking. Also has a wood warehouse where you can pick out the type of wood, style of cut, and length right in the store.

— Lee C.

Great quality products and very friendly, knowledgeable service.

— Donna D.

They handed my order quickly, provided all the information I needed and gave additional pointers on staining and sealing my door.

— Paul D.

Very helpful and willing to help you get materials they do not have in stock. Most of the time they have the better price in the local area.

— Sean B.

Best supply house in Monmouth county. Randy, Jay in shipping… Top notch.

— T. Wolf Home Improvements

I was just in with my son to get paint. My son gets very bad anxiety in places he’s never been. The employees were amazing. They let him come behind the counter and watch the entire process of the paint being mixed. He absolutely loved it.

— Michael W.

Very reasonable prices, great service, went for paint, the lady explained so well all the different types of paint they have.

— Adriana L.

We just went to Monmouth Builders looking for a special type of wood for a mantle. We were so pleased with the wonderful customer service! “Herman” patiently listened to our ideas and found the perfect wood for our project. “Matt” then added trim and we were set!!! Rosie was happy to meet new friends and get a dog biscuit when going to the showroom. Wonderful local business!!! Please support this great business. Please stay safe and well.

— Jenny W.