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If you want a stunning, lush landscape, you need to buy the right lawn and garden supplies. Make Monmouth Building Center your go-to home improvement store in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. We carry a wide range of landscaping equipment, tools and supplies that will make your outdoor project easy.

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If you need lawn and garden supplies, look no further than Monmouth Building Center. Our home improvement store has everything you need to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a DIY master, we’ve got you covered.

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Customer reviews

Very helpful and willing to help you get materials they do not have in stock. Most of the time they have the better price in the local area.

— Sean B.

Great selection of building materials, painting supplies, plumbing, electrical, gardening supplies, & cleaning products. Whether you be first time home owner or a professional contractor this place will have what you need. The staff is very knowledgeable, & helpful. They have a nice assortment of cedar, redwood, walnut, red oak & mahogany to name a few. Lots of cool stuff.

— Doug W.

Very friendly staff, KNOWLEDGEABLE!!

— David C.

Staff very helpful. They made sure I ordered the correct paint finish for my project.

— Larry K.

I have been going to Monmouth building for over 20 years. When I started in the business at 13 as a summer helper with my family. 20 years later after starting my company I still use them seeing the same familiar faces which is great to me. They are knowledgeable, helpful and easy to talk with.

— Jackson Contracting

Our regular hardware supplier for Brookdale college. They have most everything you would need.

— Eric M.

Very knowledgeable and friendly.

— Jamie G.

Monmouth Building Center has plenty of people to help you find stuff. The store is well stocked.

— Andrew W.

Very reasonable prices, great service, went for paint, the lady explained so well all the different types of paint they have.

— Adriana L.

Great service and very knowledge staff.

— Pat C.