Fall in love again with your home! Stop in and get started on the projects that you put on the back burner with an expert today.

Get the Job Done

Time to use lots of elbow grease in your yard? We’ve got the essentials so you can get the job done! Upgrade your tools and work smarter NOT harder. Treat yourself to some new gloves this year too! No one wants a creepy crawler in their gloves or to get bitten.

Believe it or not, it is time to seed again!

Mid-August to mid-October is the best time to seed in the fall. Make sure you pay attention to the weather reports because the seeds germinate when the soil is above 55°F. They even have a “Fall Magic” grass seed with premium ingredients

Lastly, Make sure to use the winter survival fertilizer to ensure a healthy lawn in the spring. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! It is like giving your lawn enough food to hibernate for the winter.

Winterizing Products

Save yourself some money and chills!

Need some tips on keeping out the cold before it’s freezing out there? It’s time to caulk those windows. Stop in with some pictures and measurements of your project, and we’ll be happy to help!

Customer reviews

Our regular hardware supplier for Brookdale college. They have most everything you would need.

— Eric M.

Very reasonable prices, great service, went for paint, the lady explained so well all the different types of paint they have.

— Adriana L.

I has a wide selection of home making materials and paints, as well has home repair items like hinges and handles and decking. Also has a wood warehouse where you can pick out the type of wood, style of cut, and length right in the store.

— Lee C.

I have been going to Monmouth building for over 20 years. When I started in the business at 13 as a summer helper with my family. 20 years later after starting my company I still use them seeing the same familiar faces which is great to me. They are knowledgeable, helpful and easy to talk with.

— Jackson Contracting

Excellent place to get Benjamin Moore Paint, not to mention other products. Maria is such a big help in choosing colors. It’s very overwhelming with so many choices. Her knowledge, good taste and patience makes it easier.

— Robert G.

Excellent hardware and building supply store. Helpful and friendly staff.

— Stanley T.

Best building supply company in the area!

— Nick L.

Always have way I need for my projects, and like the old time hardware stores you can get advice. Also the best as source for quality lumber.

— Rick M.

Forget Home Depot and the crowds this place has everything!!! Quality products! Employees are very helpful! Great customer service!!

— Michelle P.

Great service and awesome selection.

— Rika K.