‘Mould’ Your Home To Perfection

Have you ever walked into someone’s recently renovated space and thought, “Wow, this room just looks so pulled together?” Or maybe you’ve noticed clean and crisp lines that have completely transformed spaces. What is it that draws your eye to the beauty of a room—something that makes it so aesthetically pleasing but something that you just can’t put your finger on? That’s the power of moulding.

Monmouth Building Center is Northeast New Jersey’s premier place for all of your building supply needs and home renovation materials. It’s also home to the Moulding Module, a unique online space where you can dream big to transform any room into something truly spectacular using the right blend of moulding products.

The Art of Moulding

Mouldings are decorative trim elements found around doors, windows, and along the tops and bottoms of walls in any room. They play a crucial role in defining the architectural style of a house, ranging from craftsman to colonial to Victorian. Mouldings define or transition elements, contour and outline surfaces, and add overall character to building elements. They can be composed of various materials, such as wood, MDF, PVC, or other alternatives.

In architecture, moulding serves as a strip of material that conceals transitional areas, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. It effectively hides or safeguards spaces between walls and corners and can help ease transitions between different materials, such as tile and wallpaper. Structurally, moulding can cover gaps in building openings, particularly around doors and windows. While you appreciate the immediate aesthetic, moulding also acts as a seal.

The term “moulding” encompasses various types most commonly used around ceilings, floors, and walls. You’ll find moulding, or the potential for moulding, in just about every room. Depending on the moulding style you select, you can achieve a variety of decorative effects with moulding.

Chair rail moulding not only protects walls but also facilitates smooth transitions between paint colors or wallpaper. Crown moulding introduces a decorative touch between walls and ceilings. Baseboard moulding shields the bottom of walls from scuffs and damage while tying in the transition to flooring material. Doors and windows often feature varying types of moulding, covering gaps while enhancing a room’s aesthetic. Available in a range of styles, moulding options vary from simple-cut boards to intricately carved designs.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Monmouth Building Center’s Moulding Module

Visit the Moulding Module at our Monmouth Building Center website and get ready to be amazed. Our innovative module lets you dream big as you design your next home renovation or room transformation. A user-friendly experience allows you to browse through our moulding offerings by style, material, or collection. Not sure where to begin? Our inspiration gallery provides users with endless possibilities to browse, from beautifully designed rooms with thoughtful moulding throughout to spaces where moulding ties other material elements together in seamless design.

Transform Your Living Spaces

Oftentimes, homeowners are overwhelmed with the options available when it comes to moulding. Reading from pamphlets or catalogues of options presents homeowners with option-choice fatigue. But when you visit the moulding module, you can see real 3-D renderings of moulding options in order to select the best fit for your desired style preference as well as your home’s architectural style.

The moulding module has it all—from bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms, as well as entryways, there’s something for everyone. When you step inside the inspiration gallery, you’ll find 360-degree views that allow you to view every angle. You’ll be able to see firsthand what our moulding options look like in real spaces, giving you a better idea of what you may want to choose for your own space.

Remember that moulding isn’t limited to where your walls meet your ceiling or the space around your windows and doors. Chair rail moulding gives any space an instant upgrade and a fresh look. Pair it with accent paint options or wallpaper, and you can create a truly beautiful look. Consider adding chair rail moulding to your bathroom, dining room, entryway, or even your laundry or mudroom.

And while you might think you’re confined to ceiling moulding where your walls meet your ceiling, think again. Adding moulding, especially stacked moulding, to your ceiling can create a stunning and larger-than-life look to your space. Imagine the grandeur of ceiling moulding in your bedroom! If you’re looking for a truly customized space, consider stacking moulding options in order to achieve a unique and personalized look for your space.

Dream Big With Moulding From Monmouth Building Center

Moulding isn’t just the icing on the cake of a room renovation. It’s an integral component of the structural integrity of your space. Selecting moulding that correctly matches your home’s architecture and overall aesthetic ties a space together perfectly. With the right moulding from Monmouth Building Center, your home can be completely transformed. If you have questions about selecting the right moulding, or want to see the many options we offer, check out our moulding module. And for any other questions you may have, we’re always a phone call away.

Choose Monmouth Building Center For Your Next Home Renovation

Monmouth Building Center is your place for all things building and renovation. We have the materials, the know-how, and the friendly staff to help you plan for your next home renovation. We are a local, family-owned, and operated company, which means we’re not just your building supply experts; we’re your neighbors too. Monmouth Building Center is dedicated to bringing you quality products and personalized service. From answering questions to helping with placing orders, we’ve got knowledgeable staff with the best customer service around. Stop in and say hello, or give us a call and let us know how we can best help you.

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